First home maintenance/repairing App in LATAM to connect homeowners and providers in a trustful, stylish and secure platform.
Chamba is a very know expression in Latin America that means occasional job and we are here to provide that: Chamba!

We are a web & mobile platform that aims to effectively connect house owners in need of home-maintenance services and these providers. Our platform arranges appointments at the client's houses. In one line, we are the booking platform for home-repairing top providers.

We are focused to not only give a practical solution to the house-owners, but also to empower the small businesses entrepreneurs, giving them an important tool to get references and recognition for their quality and fair work. We believe that promoting the economic inclusion of these providers will generate a better competence in the sector where every participant wins.

We also believe in social recommendations, that's why providers are rated by every user after the job was done and they are classified prioritising these ratings. Our algorithm makes sure that top rated providers at the most convenient locations are showed in the first positions of the searches.

On top of that, we offer a secure payment policy: We withhold the payment until the maintenance service (job) is done. Doing this, we offer a win-win situation, on one side, the client is sure that their money won't be lost and, in the other hand, the service provider knows that they will collect fairly the amount of money that was previously agreed.

Our monetisation is divided in two ways. We charge a fixed fee per "diagnosis appointment'; and if it is a concrete service booked, we charge a percentage of the prize of the service.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Business and Work
  • jobs, economic inclusion, work, home repairs, home maintenance, home services
Target Users
  • house owners, tenants, tourist in rented housing.
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