With more than 600 beach bars around Spain, Chiringuiteros is an App made to beach bar lovers.
Chiringuiteros joins every beach bar around Spain offering to beach bar lovers a way to find them in only an App. Chiringuiteros offers to every beach bar its own mobile application and the option of managing by themselves their own contents.

So the beach bar can publish the contents in order to improve its competitive position, for example how to arrive, product list, pics of every drink and food, scheduled events, concerts, make a reservation, contact directly by phone, email or custom form, etc.

On this way, Chiringuiteros is a live community of mobile applications where the beach bar lovers will find all they need. These users can set their preferred beach bar and receive notifications,

The Chiringuiteros diffusion strategy helps to beach bars to be discovered by their customers because of the user only needs to download Chirniguiteros once for discovering them.

Chiringuiteros is a project focused to 2016, but the first version is already in production. The start strategy has been get all the information about every beach bar and publish inside Chiringuiteros. On last august, Chiringuiteros has been published as a market test and the result has been very positive. From that moment Chiringuiteros keeps contact with the most relevant beach bars of Spain to prepare the next summer season. Chiringuiteros App contains a demo App inside (with the same name) in order to show to every beach bar what they can do with this service.
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  • Comida y bebidas Entretenimiento
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