Listen at the songs you want at the end of concerts chat with fans and bands.
ChooSong is the unique app to vote the songs in a list you want to listen at the end of a concert ( according with lists given by groups and or bands).

Fans can see the concerts in their area and/or other areas, cities. And buy concert tickets where they want to go by a external web sites.

Fans can chat among them and with the band online, we will send push notifications to their fans when the band will be on line. As well as bands and groups among them

We give free credits to fans for:

Send notifications to their friends about our app in all the different social networks.

Vote songs and more credits if they share their votes to their friends.

Upload photos and media to the social networks.

Fans can use their free credits and/or buy more cheap credits in order to:

Chat online with the band, whan they will be online.

Buy lotery tickets and if they win they can be in the backstage with the band during the concert.

We want to promote concerts and a closests relationship among fans and bands with an enganging way and gamification, with viral comunication.
Android, BlackBerry, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone, HTML5, BlackBerry - PlayBook, Windows 8
  • Free version available
Urban life, Social Media, Photo, Video and TV, Music, Art and Culture
  • vote songs, share with friends, chat with fans, chat with bands, upload photos,
Target Users
  • fans and bands. as well concert produccers.
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, Androlib , AppUp Center, Blackberry App World, China Mobile Market, AndroidGear, AndroidPit, BoostApps, Windows Phone Apps, AppsFuel
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