Places pour l'imprévu
Chronoscènes, theaters at the last moment.

Chronoscènes gathers all the last minute offers available only shows for the same evening as a single ticket office accessible from mobile applications and the Web.
It’s a new sales and a new communication channel for theaters, new opportunities for the public!

Chronoscènes targets an audience of more and more mobile, connected and who decides at the last moment.
We simply allow, residents and tourists, access to the cultural program of the city at the last moment; no need to plan in advance, «Tickets for the unexpected.»
It’s simple, fast and efficient: location-based, personalized and contextual suggestions.
Chronoscènes responds to the «here and now» increasingly demanded by consumers.

Chronoscènes is a tool that enables Cultural facilities to be in line with this new way of consumption. We are the only ones to enable them to be on the buying journey of this volatile and connected audience.
We put the actors of culture in connection with their audience through this new distribution channel, this new communication channel.
Chronoscènes allows theaters to expand and renew public while increasing their load factors. Chronoscènes is a response to the 15% recorded unsold, the 15% loss of dry season.

How it works ?
The spectator buys his place from the application, pay us and we donate to the theater prices less our commission ticket.

Chronoscènes is uniquely positioned to deliver these promises, we are the only ones to earn three criteria:
1 - Sell exclusively last minute deals,
2 - Offering easy access from mobile applications and Web
3 - and above all, to be focused on the user unlike other market players where nothing is done to facilitate the purchase last minute.

Ultimately, Chronoscènes is an innovative use for spectators waiting to increasing this flexibility and reductions, Chronoscènes is an innovative use for theaters allowing them to capture those consumers.
Chronoscènes maintenance primer and a virtuous circle that stimulates cultural life of a city, increases the quality of life and enhances its attractiveness.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Music, Art and Culture
  • sortie dernière minute, sortir ce soir, place concert, ticket concert, billet spectacle, théâtre, concert, danse, musique, festival, réduction, bon plan
Target Users
  • 30/44 ans, 18/29 ans, urbain,
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