Chyster jokes
Enjoy Chyster, designed for people who want to have fun every day.
Chyster is an Android application with tons of jokes organized in many categories and with a very easy navigation.
You can find the following categories among others: Spicy, Mama Mama, Little Johnny, couples, riddles, cruel, mixed, Feminist and Machoman.
This app allows you to rate the jokes and save them as favorites.
The app will sync with the new jokes in the Internet every time you open it.
You may receive a selected joke from our online joke repository every day, every 3 days, or once a week, so you stay updated.
And the best!! You can, with a single touch, share with whatsapp and twitter, and also with any social media that you have installed in your device.
If you are a little lazy and do not want to read, well Chyster just reads them for you also!

We think Chyster serves a purpose, the purpose of giving the people a moment of laughter every day.
  • Free version available
  • jokes, humor
Target Users
  • adults
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Google Play
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