circulaB: we move the city!

Fed up of getting stuck in traffic jams? Don't want to spend your time driving while arriving late? If you want to change the way you move in your city, circulaB is your app. Find alternative, automatized, optimized routes to your destination and win Smart points for it.

circulaB pretends to reduce traffic congestion on the roads offering alternative routes based on predictive algorithms, open data of the city and the users shared information, which benefit both, the citizens and the city.

Imagine that Mike is stuck in a traffic jam in ‘la ronda de dalt’, close to exit 5. Mary is in the same situation and also are Anna and Frank. A traditional traffic application would suggest all the users to take the exit and continue their way through ‘Av. Vallcarca’. In this situation, the congestion would be repeated but in another street.

However, circulaB would suggest Mike to take exit 5, Mary to stay in the ‘ronda’, Anna to take the next exit and continue by ‘Balmes’ and Frank to park the car at a low fee agreed with the city council and continue by public transport, also at a low fee. The simple fact that people take these alternatives results in being more economic than the conventional ones as well as contributing to the reduction of gas emissions.

Unlike other traffic applications, circulaB provides a uniform distribution of the transit. This means that it does not suggest the same route to all the users. It does not decongest a route and congest another one. Instead, it offers different routes to different users according to the current and future state of the transit where the user wants to go.

By means of a learning system with inputs form the own drivers and the open data, the application will eventually have a wide view of the usual behaviour of the city’s traffic situation being able to predict what will happen and as a consequence suggest the best option to the user.

With this solution, not only we reduce traffic jams, but we also contribute to the improvement of the air quality. By avoiding traffic congestion we also reduce the emissions of NO2 and PM10 from the vehicles.

By means of urban and human sensors as well as open data provided by the city council of Barcelona, we gather real time information which is then processed by our platform based on FIWARE. The system is based on a prediction algorithm model, with machine learning and big data technology, that allows us to define the state of the traffic (fluid, synchronized or congestion) by analysing the driver’s behaviour and act in consequence. Moreover, from the open data provided by Barcelona, we are able to monitor the current and future state of the traffic and optimise it. Combining both inputs, we are able to identify transit habits and behaviours, build automatic decisions and identify critical spots of congestion and manage the traffic to avoid those spots.

The information extracted from this prediction system allows us to suggest the users alternative routes to reach their target. These alternatives can include a change of the route to get to their destination, different options of public transport, the bicing (bike) service or public parking spaces. Furthermore, the application allows to interact with it by reporting incidents the user might come across with.

Additionally, we offer a gaming process. This means, that when the user takes a route suggested by the application, he wins a certain amount of virtual smart points. The user can win points by:

  1. Taking the alternative suggested.

  2. Reaching a certain level of NO2 and PM10 emissions saved.

  3. Reporting incidents.

These points can be changed later for special local offers, events or local services (bus tickets, theatre tickets, free parking). In an advance usage mode, the user will be able to build a social network of urban drivers with his friends and share the points with them, as well as compete.

circulaB pretends to change the way people drive, being more conscious about the threatening climate change and avoiding long traffic jams by offering sustainable alternatives.
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Transport and Traffic
  • mobility, transport, NO2 emissions reduction, smart, sustainability, innovation, prediction, optimisation, traffic, congestion avoidance, FIWARE, open data.
Target Users
  • drivers, municipalities, companies, local commerces.
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