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CityCharge is a solar-powered charging station for public spaces. It replaces a picnic table, allowing using to sit around it while they enjoy New York's great outdoors. But it does so much more! CityCharge is internet connected, dispenses valuable information via bluetooth and beacon technology, gathers environmental data (eg. air quality, noise levels, pedestrian traffic), features a touchscreen to deliver valuable content and hyper-local ads to citizens and visitors, and can even act as a WiFi hotspot or repeater. Phew!

CityCharge is a "quality of life" device for urban environments. It eases citizens minds when they are on the go and their phones die, provides cities with valuable, actionable data, extends/strengthens WiFi access, all without taking up additional space. CityCharge simply replaces an already existing table in a public space, and voila!
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  • clean tech, public spaces
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  • mobile device users
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