Efficiency and social link builder
New urban social network, user friendly, designed for the citizen, owner or tenant of a flat, CityLity offers:
A strong social link creation
Mutual aid among neighbours
A participative citizenship (babysitting, lesson, handiwork…)
A Reporting tool for any kind of incident in the condominium or the city
An easy access to the condominium’s and city’s documents and information
A direct communication tool between the resident, his facility manager and his city
Real-time information about construction work

Freemo invents the city’s remote control, CityLity, which has for mission to ease the citizen’s life at home and in town by optimizing the efficiency of urban actors.

- CityLity creates social link: by optimizing the micro-community in the building: look for a baby-sitter, lend a book, go to the cinema together or benefit from bundles. These favour exchanges weld the community.
- CityLity creates efficiency: an inhabitant declares an incident with CityLity and amount time instantly. The administrator wins in efficiency and the citizen in comfort.

Thanks to our back-office, the administrators can have access easily to different modalities:
Consult each incident in the condominium
Declare the trace of claims directly to the resident
Circulate the condominium’s and city’s documents and information to the inhabitant.

CityLity is free for the users. The business model is established on the efficiency principle: Those who gain in efficiency (cities, facility manager, companies) pay.

Freemo developed its mobile application as an ergonomic, intuitive, playful tool based on the simple principle that mutualizing efforts, allows to reduce costs and to generate the efficiency.

CityLity is the digital remote control of the city. Each person is citizen of several cities : the city where he lives, where he works, the one he crosses or the one where he stays on holidays; CityLity is based on geolocation and sends the information: detection of incident, likes, dislikes, votes, to the municipality where he is situated at the moment; it also helps him find useful information such as pharmacies and parking lots location ort the closest stores.

Contrary to the trend " an application for each city ", CityLity is a unique application for all cities and buildings of France; and why not, eventually, for all cities and buildings in the world. One of the first "Big App" kind of applications.
CityLity accompanies wherever the user is: at home, in town and even at work, at school, at the mall…
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Empower citizens
  • App, Application, Social network, Citizen, City
Target Users
  • Residents and citizens
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