Urban Landscape

With Cityscape you will be able to discover the urban landscape in a different way you use to. This device makes you understand contemporary architecture, present and future, under the cover of an innovative concept existing on three various media supports; web site, tablet and smartphone.

Through themed urban strolls, the application brings you the out of scope of each building comprising it.

Cityscape systematically integrates to its content a video interview of the architect or the designer, some images from the inside, plans, 3D rendering for the projects and a neighborhood video in order to provide some context and bring sense.

Build by architecture professionals, this multi-support application offers an innovative service available to all. From the professional to the individual, come and collect information, pick some to prepare your future architectural stroll or just out of mere curiosity.

Cityscape aims to make you live a different urban and architectural experience, though a transmedia narrative – from web to mobility – the idea is to get the web spectator to move himself to become an urban bystander.

Far from being a simple contemporary building catalogue, Cityscape is a complete and documentary device which reconnects the edifice to the urban space and allows the user to see beyond the only architectural quality. This is cultural tourism, though a contemporary perspective.

Thanks to this concept we are able to target skilled professionals as well as tourists keen to visit a town differently or even inhabitant wishing to know more about their environment.

At the time where we rethink cities like creative and durable, our application also offers a new tool of visualization and re contextualization for those who may ask themselves about the actual urban trend and development.

Cityscape is already active in several cities and tends to become a reference application in France, and maybe later, in Europe.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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Target Users
  • We target skilled professionals as well as tourists, inhabitants or even students.
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