ClayAR – virtual clay in the real world via augmented reality
ClayAR combines real world actions, such as rotating and panning the marker, with virtual multi-touch motifs to allow the user to intuitively create 3d objects with a limited mobile device, anywhere the marker goes!

ClayAR Lite (Demo) provides an intuitive interface that enables the casual user to easily sculpt and manipulate a simple piece of virtual clay, on the go, using a pocket-sized FrameMarker 5 (that can be reprinted on any printer)!

Note: The Demo version does not require a login, but all users will be accessing the same SQL file directory. On Load, you may see files from other semi-public beta users!

Edit Mode: Change the brush size by squeezing your thumb and forefingers closer or further away on the screen (“zoom in/out”). Change the pull strength by dragging the slider. Touch to sculpt!

Touch the Info Button (lower right hand corner, next to slider and – the telltale sign of my penuriousness – “trial version” watermark) at any time to toggle a quick Help Overlay.

Touch the Disk button to Save. (A URL containing the .obj pops up. Touch hold and cut the text then load it up in your browser to download the Wavefront obj file for usage in other 3d modeling programs or games!)
Touch a particular Snap Button to Save or Load an intermediate state (this session only).
Touch the Grid/Gradient button to toggle between two materials.
Touch the Edit/View (Camera Move/Camera Pen) buttons to toggle between View and Edit modes. (You begin in Edit mode.)
View Mode: Scale the clay by squeezing your thumb and forefingers closer or further away on the screen (“zoom in/out”). Rotate the clay by touch-dragging it.

Menu: New to summon a new clay ball. Load to load the 8 most recent save’s.

All data is saved “in the cloud” on clayar servers. Depending on network traffic, there may be some delay between Save and Load features. Editing and Viewing a file are local operations, which will depend on your mobile device’s capabilities. If you encounter extremely jagged vertices, try saving onto a few other Snap Buttons and loading from those.

ClayAR Pro (Coming Soon!) – combine multiple clay pieces into a single complex object, 3d paint, export to shapeways 3d printing, multiuser support, multimarker support (studio support and clayar galleries!), clayar marketplace to share your models with others, creation portal on the web

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Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Clay, Augmented Reality, Mesh, Creation, 3d
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  • The Curious
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