Never let the moments pass you by
Clickslip is an app that lets you see what’s happening around you, at any given time. Find new places, meet new people, and never miss out on anything fun ever again.

You’re just one tap away from discovering what friends and strangers are sharing near you, or anywhere in the world for that matter. Going to a place you’re never been? See what other people have uploaded, and explore a loop you find interesting. Looks like they’re having fun? Go join them!

Being social isn’t just about people whom you’re with, it’s also where you choose to be with them and what you’re doing together. So go outside, take a photo, and maybe write something about it.

Upload the picture; maybe to an existing loop, maybe you’ll be starting your own. You might even get a few likes along the way.

Get inspired. Be active. Be part of a loop. All happens in real time, making the app’s content new and vibrant. So come join us, we’re pretty sure you’ll like it here.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Sports, Social Media, Shopping, Photo, Video and TV, Empower citizens, Business and Work, Art and Culture
  • share, social, collaborative, real time, fun, moments
Target Users
  • 18-28
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Google Play, iTunes
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