Budget & expense tracking finally made easy, visual and fun!
CoinKeeper helps managing personal finances like hundreds of other apps but makes it innovative and different.

It's visual and clear - all budgets (income & expenses) and current accounts are located on one screen, organized in beautiful trays.

It's easy to use and fun in the area which is the most boring for users - adding new transactions. With CoinKeeper you just drag and drop a coin (symbol of transaction and eventually the whole app) from source (i.e. cash) to destination (i.e. grocery), type the amount and press one button (Today, Yesterday or Other date) and that's it!

We were also the first to add gameplay into financial app - the same thing EpicWin did for productivity. We have skills user could level-up, and stars which user receives based on daily performance.

All that enhancements brought with traditional budgeting features makes CoinKeeper unique gamified financial app!

Key features:

✔ Quick start with autobudgeting mode

✔ Multiple accounts and currencies

✔ Add transactions in couple of seconds - just drag a coin from the account you want to charge into an expense category

✔ The fill level and color of each expense category instantly shows where you’re overspending

✔ Reminders of recurring transactions

✔ Financial goals help you save money for things you’re dreaming about

✔ Subcategories provide details on exactly how you spent your money

✔ Captivating game mechanics stimulate smart budgeting

✔ Password protection of your data

✔ One-screen view of all finances

✔ One-click history of transactions (by income source, account or expense category)

✔ 3 beautiful types of reports and charts

CoinKeeper has been #1 financial app in Russia for more than a month and has reached Top 5 in Finance category in USA, Canada, South Africa, Argentina and 15 other countries!

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • CoinKeeper - 2.99
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  • finance, budget, expenses, tracking, planning
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  • Worldwide
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