coMix on-the-go
Read all your favorite comics at one place.
coMix-on-the-go is a state-of-the-art comic application that
has been specially designed to capture the essence of comic reading and
replicate the same experience on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™. coMix-on-the-go
incorporates various comic reading enhancements into the application.
* All comics can be read in both horizontal and vertical screen modes.

* User can choose to read their favorite comics in a full page mode
just like original paperback versions or can also choose to read the comic
in a frame mode which expands each individual comic frame to a best fit on
the screen size thereby enabling comic aficionados to enjoy each comic frame
in detail.
* To further enhance and immerse its readers, the coMix-on-the-go
application also embeds screen vibrations into each comic. Therefore a comic
frame depicting an action sequence such as a fight/blast/shock etc. can be
embedded with screen vibrations which vibrates the entire comic frame/page
thereby further engaging the readers.
* coMix-on-the-go also offers its readers a wide range of comic
content catering to the needs of all age groups and all genres.
This free limited period trial application consists of 5 free comic titles
from popular international comic publishers such as Archie, IDW, Hasbro, Amar Chitra Katha, Zero-Sum, Vimanika, Level 10, Penguin
Android, BlackBerry, Series 40, BlackBerry - PlayBook
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  • Star Trek - 2.99
  • Transformers - 2.99
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  • Comic Lovers
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