The Swiss Army App of Commuters
CommYouTer is at transit app that will help you record your trips via GPS and accelerometer input. The goal of this app is to crowdsource a better dataset, and to make commuting a social activity. With this app, users can map out their trips as they travel, for their own and other people\'s convenience. It can also be used to plot unknown routes and modes of transportation.

Apart from recording, the app can perform offline route search (or get directions). This is achieved through an internal database that can be updated when synced to a server. The database consists of a pre-processed version of the GTFS data containing public transport routes in Manila. It can be improved if more contributions are made. That is, information is initially limited to the existing GTFS data, but it has the potential to grow.

Since it is still in its early stages, CommYouTer is still lacking a lot of features. However, the backbone algorithms are already working. The recording function uses Fast Fourier Transform and a Decision-Tree Classifier to automatically detect whether the user is walking or in a vehicle. The route search feature uses the A* search algorithm.

The app sports a mapless interface, because simple verbal instructions are easier to follow.
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  • commuter, gps, accelerometer, crowdsourcing, route search
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  • public transit commuters
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