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stunning city guides created for Conde Nast Traveller
The Condé Nast Traveller City Guides have attracted critical acclaim, hit the Top 25 chart for Paid For Apps and featured as “App Of The Week” for the week commencing Mon 25 Oct. User reviews have been complimentary and ratings average 4+ stars.

"What’s impressive is their Augmented Reality functionality. Simply point your phone in a direction and it will bring up images of nearby attractions, which you can narrow down by type. You can also use GPS to pull up venue locations on a map"

"There’s no need for a guidebook, or even a map with these brilliant city guides"
The Daily Mail

"The format is fantastic, with obviously a great deal of thought and care having gone into the way the app reacts and the intuitiveness of the design."
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Paris City Guide - 3.49
  • Rome City Guide - 3.49
  • New York City Guide - 3.49
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