Congestion Charge Check and Remind
Don't ever get fined for forgetting to pay a congestion charge again!
With AutoAlert's Congestion Charge Check and Remind application you can check whether you are in the London Congestion charging zone and in at a time when you need to pay.

If you do need to pay, you can pay there and then through your phone.

|f you forget to pay,you'll receive a text message alert at a time of your choice reminding you.

Don't ever get fined again.

Also works for the London Low Emission Zone, Milan Ecopass Zone, Stockholm Congestion Zone and Malta ZTL. New zones are added automatically as they become operational.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Congestion Charge Check and Remind - 2.99
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  • London Congestion Charge Zone, Fines, Congestion charging.
Target Users
  • Drivers entering London or any congestion charging zone, especially those entering in frequently.
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