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Contoplanet is an iPhone and iPad application for storytales. We’ve selected the best printed children's stories and turned them into an interactive experience.

You can read them, listen to the narration in three languages and record your own voice to share with the whole family.

Contoplanet is a storytale application turning each story into an emotional, intuitive, nice experience. We’ve selected a series of children's stories from the Arbore Collection at Galaxia Editorial. Each storytale is digitalized, translated into three languagues and narrated by professional storytellers. In order to explore each story in different ways, tactile areas, sound effects and animation have been added with multiple choices, making each reading a different and special experience.

Created with children in mind, Contoplanet has engineered an interactive experience designed to develop a healthy and creative rapport with the new digital world. Contoplanet is a tool where education and fun come together to stimulate little ones' imagination and introduce them to children’s literature.

A common ground for parents and children alike, Contoplanet conveys a positive influence on children through the moral values of the stories teamed up with the digital era potential and the latest developments in tactile devices.

These stories transmit respect towards nature and people, generosity, friendship, backing the weak, integration, etc.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Who am I? - 2,99 € (comming soon)
  • A Story for not to eat - 2,99 € (comming soon)
  • A dog in the flat - 2,99 € (comming soon)
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Target Users
  • - families - children from 0 years to......100
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