Cookbooth is an innovative multi-sided platform that connects chefs and food lovers, allowing them to create attractive step-by-step photo recipes, save them to their personal library and share them with other professionals and foodies around the world.
The iOS app allows both chefs and foodies to create their public profile with biog, skills, location and their personal recipe library. In the newsfeed you can discover new recipes and chefs specialized in different types of cooking and add their recipes to your library. All your photorecipes are saved in the cloud and always available, even when you are offline.
For chefs, it is a professional tool designed to save and organize their recipes both publicly and privately, to easily and time-efficiently create a social profile to promote themselves and connect with their fans and other professionals.
For foodies, it is a useful tool to document and save their family and friends’ recipes, get in touch with other foodies and learn new recipes and techniques from chefs from around world.
The free iPhone app is available in 6 languages since the end of August. Apple has promoted Cookbooth twice in up to 123 countries and it reached over 160k downloads in 8 weeks, ranking number 1 in downloads in the food & drink category in 75 countries.
From November on, the user can upgrade the app with in app purchases for private and offline functions. Available in Google Play in December.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Eating and Drinking
  • photorecipes, step-by-step, chef, professional, foodie, kitchen, cook, ingredient, filter, photo, food, dinner, book, explore, social, food lover, cloud, foodporn
Target Users
  • Chefs, foodies, restaurants, hotels, bars, culinary schools, brands
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