Discover every cultural event in Barcelona, upload new ones, talk directly to artists and fans and be an active part of the culture of the city.
Coolturer is an app made for anyone involved and interested in the culture of Barcelona.

As a user, the app helps you to discover all the culture events around the city, get its information and participate in them by uploading pictures or by sending comments. By choosing your interests, the app generates a personal feed which displays the events that suits you the most. Also, you can create a profile that lets you follow other users and artists and even have private chats with them. Using Coolturer you will have culture closer than ever!

On the other hand, as an artist, Coolturer is going to be your perfect platform to spread the word about yourself and your work by uploading your events and by making them visible to your potential fans. Be an active part of the culture of your city, meet new artists and interact directly to your followers. Coolturer is the easy and free way to get known as an artist and promote your art.

To sum up, it doesn’t matter if you look for events or if you are an artist or both: if you love culture and your city, Coolturer is the app you need!

Main features:

Your actions, your interests and the people you interact to will make the difference in your experience.

- Find new cultural events (music, theatre, cinema, arts & museums, dance, literature and catalan traditions). Do not ever miss any show in Barcelona.
- Be the one who promotes events. Make your events more famous or share the ones you know and you like.
- Talk about these events and upload pictures. Participate in them and share your experience.
- Set up your interests. They will customize the content you see.
- Follow other members. Be the first one to know the news directly from your favorite artists.
- Chat with them. Meet and talk directly to artists and other users.

It should be noticed that the app is nowadays focused only in Barcelona but it can be easily adapted and expanded to more content and different cities.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Social Media, Art and Culture
  • Barcelona, culture, events, art, artists, music, theatre, films, dance, books, traditions, discover, promote
Target Users
  • There are two types of target users: artists and people who love culture. First, any artist who would like to get known, to deliver his/her work directly to their potential fans, to be an active part of the culture of Barcelona and meet new artists sho
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