Discovery new parking solution in your city
Shared car park
More private void that existing public car parking spaces on-street spaces in cities with over 100,000 inhabitants.
Copark is the gateway to the shared parking network.
Shared parking is making available to motorists, a parking space, schedules where it is not used.
Members of the community Copark rentabilisent their empty parking spaces and / or are parking money, energy and time.
Copark is easy to use, this avoids "turn" to find a parking spot and brings money.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic
  • IoT, Digital, Smart City, IT, Big data, Social Impact, Climate Impact, Sustainable Development, Clean Tech, Low Energy, Open Source Software, Open Source Electronic, Space Optimization, Market Place
Target Users
  • Final customer B2C: Individuals who park in the evening to their home or during the day to their workplaces; where companies have free slots: Type 1: Urban rush buying time because it does not rotate. Typed 2: the steward who wants to pay 25% from the a
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, AndroidGear
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