"At the conquest of interactions"
Crossnode use data mining based on "cloud computing" technologies, identification plateforms and apps which integrates Big data principles and from iot specially concieved for "Smart Cities" environments.
With our app Crossnode, we want to offer you the possibility to being connected with everything in an evironment.
Crossnode is an application platform that can connect a variety of items, ranging from lighting, to commercial advertising boards, to security cameras, and all other sensors present in a place.
Crossnode is a universal application platform designed to accommodate all devices capable of Wi-Fi technology. It allows, among others, to surf easily into a so called mobile-interface. The Crossnode application allows any subject connected with a web browser, to interact in real-time in a collaborative environment, as well as communitarise, segment, and identify users in the environment by creating user profiles.

"The added value of the Crossnode platform is that it is an application store."
- Each application represents a 2.0 service in each place.

At the opening of the Crossnode application, fill out our form to create a profile that will allow you to access the services of our app. You also able to log you with your social network.
Once you are logged in, our application will geolocate you and offer you appropriate content.
The application contain a common space that access automatically to the information about the place where you stant at. For exemple you arrive to Lyon, Lyon's website informations automaticaly arrive on this first page. Want to do a bit of shopping? Here is the shopping Mall right into your hand. This common space allows you to be connected with everything around you, to be inform in real time on the right place. No need to open your browser and searching about the piece of information you want anymore. Looking after promotions or site map in the shopping center become easier.
In the case of a city go look after: Informative plateform, road-work infos, parking management, cultural journeys, shop highlightings, cultural and leisure agenda,...
In education you can also have: agenda, absence notifications, ressources center, learning plateform,...
Many others places like clubs, restaurants, hospitals, airport, ... would be able to directly interact with you via Crossnode's application.

The profile page allows to keep all your information up-to-date but it also have a Gamification module that makes you earn badges each time you enter in connection with "hot-spots" or by sharing the application on social networks or filling out your profile. Increase your score and enjoy exclusive benefits with our partners.

And finaly, the personnal dashboard. Each user has access to a personal dashboard where some applications are already preinstalled. So Crossnode gives you access to an internal store of applications available where you are thanks to a geofencing system. Applications are hosted in a cloud Wi-Fi so all these applications available require no downloads and you just have to add those ones that interest you depending on your needs.

This application allows you to be connected with the new smartcity of tomorrow.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic, Shopping, Rural areas - lack of sanitation, Poor access to data, Other, Health, Governance and sanitation, Finance, Empower citizens, Education, Eating and Drinking, Business and Work, Art and Culture
  • City, smart, native, application, geolocated, environment, horeca, hospitals, hotels, buildings, shops, carpark, airport, institutional offices, schools, urban, lifestyle, cloud, interactivity
Target Users
  • City, governement, advertisers, it developers, and of course everyone who want life to be more efficiently
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AndAppStore , Google Play
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