Crossword puzzles on paper: scan and solve them in the comfort of your device, collaborating with friends and family.
Unable to finish crosswords from newspapers as dragging the whole paper around is too much?
Half-finished crosswords typically get lost with their magazine once that train trip is over?
Got a digital subscription to a magazine with useless crosswords pages as pdf’s?
Missing the days when you had time to join up with your friends for a coffee and joint crossword-effort during the weekends?
No longer!

* Scan *
Pictures of crosswords can be imported into the app and scanned to digital form - either from the device gallery or directly from the camera.
CrosswordScanner uses image analysis to guess where you are allowed to type, where clues are placed etc.
Always make sure you scan puzzles you either own or are allowed to copy!

* Solve *
Once you have scanned your crossword puzzle, it is available for solving on your device - be it an iPhone or an iPad.
Tap a character spot once to edit horizontally; once more on the same spot to edit vertically. CrosswordScanner will keep track of how far you’ve progressed in your puzzles, but keep in mind that it doesn’t check whether you’ve got it ‘right’ or not!

* Share *
Everything tastes better when you share it, somebody once said. This applies to crossword puzzles as well.
By registering with your e-mail, you open for others to invite you to join their puzzles using that e-mail. Of course, you will also be able to invite them yourself, joining forces on the most tricky of puzzles.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Games, Education
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Target Users
  • Everyone that enjoy solving crossword puzzles.
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