Cuidem Molins
Official SmartCity mobile application of Molins de Rei: Cuidem Molins. Every citizen can notify any public way incidence and to know when the maintenance service has solved it.
Description (1): Cuidem Molins
Mobile application of city council of Molins de Rei published to improve the quality of the public space through the citizen participation. Use this App to send pics of geolocated incidences directly to municipal services. You can follow the status of your notifications.
Description (2): Technology
Gestor Incidencia is an online platform created to optimise the maintenance of the public way for the municipal services and to simplify the communication processes between the citizens and the municipal maintenance services.

On one hand the solution offers the iOS and Android applications for the citizens. With them, the user can communicate every incidence in a few seconds. They can send the location, category, pics, details and contact information to the municipal services. The user also can follow the status of its notified incidences until its closure. Even the municipal services can open a conversation with the user through the app (if they are interested).

On the other hand, the solution offers an incidence manager to the municipal maintenance services. With this panel, they can manage in real time every incidence, communicate with the citizen and get statistics and charts. This private panel can be customised, for example: manage users with permissions, update parameters like categories, typologies, etc.

In order to offer the most competitive service in the SmartCities space, Gestor Incidencia is also integrated with Mostrarium Smart City technology, so both services can be offered in a single mobile application.

In this challenge we’ve introduced Cuidem Molins de Rei as a successfully case. This project has been in production from November of 2014 in Molins de Rei, and on next months, this service will work in three other cities.

The experience of this project is very positive because our customer offers a new communication channel for the citizen. The objective with this project is to stimulate the citizen participation in order to take care of the public road status.

At the same time, through a private dashboard, the municipal services can manage every incidence. This dashboard optimises all manual processes and generate an important database of incidence. The final result, as a BigData, is that every technician can obtain reports and charts about public incidence activities.

This technology is already tested and is improving day-by-day. This project is ready to be implanted in any city and we want to implant it en Barcelona City.

Business Model
Business model and pricing
We charge to our customer recurrently. The price of Gestor Incidencia is 4.000€, but if the customer wants the integration SmartCity (with Mostrarium technology) + Gestor Incidencia, we offer a discount.

Maintenance price
We charge annually on 25% about selling price.

Services to our customers
With this business model, our customer always has access to:
- Incidence management consultancy in order to study the situation of every customer.
- Specific design.
- Implantation of Gestor Incidencia and publication of mobile apps.
- Individual support (by phone or email)
- Access to free feature upgrades
- Training of the platform
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Cuidem Molins - Free
Urban life, Empower citizens
  • Utilidades Estilo de vida
Target Users
  • The platform is focused to improve the maintenance of the public way through the citizen participation. This service is focused to two targets: Citizens: the mobile users who sends the public incidences. City council municipal service: who manages the i
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