No Fear Towards Alzheimer's
This app is made completely by us and its called "CURAPP". Curapp is a simple app with so simple feature and easy to use app, This app uses phone's INBUILT - GPS, CAMERA, GALLERY , CALLING SYSTEM. Our innovation is made not only for the victims of Alzheimers but at the same time it can be used for people who forget things frequently at a young age. It has number of amazing , easy to use features that are completely free for all the people who suffer.Our app is made in such a way that anyone from anywhere can use it .The design is made simple and will be more simpler in future,With all the support of the team and our assistants.
feature such as , mapigate , portable relatives(upcoming feature) , camera, remember to work, where i am , notifier.
Mapigate : this feature uses the device's GPS system.his will make it easy for the patient to go through daily challenges and will make them easy to go on roads.
remember to work: this feature uses inbuilt voice system , it acts as text to speech. This feature helps the patients to remember the work given to them .
Notifier : one of the most important feature , this feature helps then patients not to forget that they are using this app, so they would be able to use it without forgetting it.
camera : this features allow the patients to capture or record ( currently only recording) golden moments.
where i am : This feature of the app helps the patient to get there exact location where they are now. we are currently working on this feature more that the guardian will be able to track the patient out.
Portable relatives: this is a feature which is not currently in work we are still working on it , this feature uses the maps to show the relatives around him and there information according to which his guardian or the patient have written.
News time : This feature helps the patient keep updated with the news using YAHOO NEWS .
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