D by Daxium
Connect your citizens, empower your city.
D by Daxium is dedicated to the inhabitants of Dubai. Its goal: to enhance the Dubai inhabitants’ lives by improving the communication between them and the city. Dubai is becoming a collaborative city, and this application is part of this great project.

Report an issue:
The report button allows citizens to report issues. As an example, assume you’re walking down the street and you face a public lighting breakdown. You report it by taking a picture and by setting your localization. The municipality receives the issue through the cloud and immediately sends a technician to the location. If the issue concerns a contractor, he receives a notification to send someone.
Geolocated technicians receive alerts in order to act quickly. As soon as the issue is solved, the inhabitant receives a notification.

Transport, news and entertainment features:
Our Transport, Byky, Parking and Malls features allow residents to directly find the closest point of interest. Information such as the number of bikes available is easily accessible to improve their experiences.
On the News and Videos categories, citizens are aware of what’s going on in Dubai and stay up-to-date with their favorite places.

Feedback: express your feelings
With the feedback option, Dubai’s residents can express their feelings and send their ideas directly to the Dubai Municipality.
All these options included in the app have one common goal: allow the Dubai decision-makers to improve the overall happiness of its residents.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life, Transport and Traffic, Governance and sanitation, Empower citizens
  • Smart city, collaborative city, citizen, inhabitant, Dubai, issue, breakdown, transport, tram, metro, Byky, communication, municipality, city council
Target Users
  • Residents and inhabitants of Dubai, Dubai municipality, Municipality contractors
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