DailyRoads Cairo
Save video files with important road events. Upload your journeys!
DailyRoads Cairo is a free application, allowing for continuous video recording from vehicles. Essentially, the application acts as a video black box, recording everything, but only keeping what the user is really interested in. The user is usually the driver of a car, who can now quickly and safely capture video sequences of important road events.

Typically, on an average journey of a few hours, only a handful of video files (5-10 minutes) are worth keeping. Additionally, photos can also be automatically captured at specific intervals.

Video and photo files are timestamped, geotagged, and even uploaded according to the user\'s pre-set options. The accumulated files can be easily managed, played back, and grouped in selections.

DailyRoads Cairo is a slightly modified version of DailyRoads Voyager, incorporating an Arabic translation, and uploading video/photo files to http://cairo.dailyroads.com
  • Free version available
Transport and Traffic
  • vehicle blackbox, dashcam, auto DVR, road surveillance, traffic recorder, travel recorder, video event recorder, VER, VEDR, photo, time lapse photography, accident, crash, traffic accident, road incident, road trip, g-force, accelerometer, GPS, car mount
Target Users
  • Drivers who want to have an objective witness, in case they are involved in a road accident. It is also useful to showcase traffic videos we can all learn from.
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Google Play, Own distribution
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