Dairo is the new way for you to be in the know of everything really relevant to you. A paper written by you, for you.
Dairo is a local information and news mobile app which allows the user to be informed and ba the informer about whatever is happening around him and is of his interest, in a simple and very visual way, following interest groups such as geographical areas or specific communities.
The app's objective is to encourage collaboration and increase communication between people in the same community in terms of information, happenings, concerns, problems, etc.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Empower citizens, News, Opinion and Books, Social Media, Transport and Traffic, Travel and Tourism, Urban life
  • news, local, collaboration, neighbors, interests, village, information
Target Users
  • Whoever likes to explain and inform about what they see or live, from an informative point of view, to people with similar interests and/or location.
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