Day by Day
Improve your health with set of daily activities
Health is a complex topic, and to stay or get healthy requires multiple approaches and solutions. Our food diet is probably number one, also we need a decent amount of physical activity, quantity of healthy liquids, but also we need to be able to cope with stress and emotions by practising mindfulness.

Day by Day app would offer an all-in-one solution to track all these different categories, measure it and provide useful data with overall progress.

The app would track these categories:

Getting up (automatized input through the app)
Water consumption (manual input)
Food (Manual input or through 3rd party app)
Walking (automatized input through the app or 3rd party app)
Sports activity (Manual input)
Mindfulness relaxation (through our own app, MindHero)

Each activity would be measured daily from 0 to 3 points, providing long term statistic.

Eventually, we could build a suite of apps to cover all these categories, or we can rely on 3rp party apps.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Yearly subscription - 19,90
  • health, training, mindfulness
Target Users
  • People looking to monitor their health and lifestyle
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