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Dentistry is often looked upon as one of medicines evil stepchildren. It is many times ignored until a dental problem gets big enough or painful enough to demand attention. The fact is, dental health is a clear and precise indictor as to the total well being of a person. Dental Anywhere mobile apps takes this very seriously by sharing and championing information like this. We are able to help close the communication gap between patient and dentist, thus making dental care a more accepted, educated and embraced medical concern.

Dental Anywhere mobile apps can be used in a variety of environments in addition to promoting tele-dentistry for people who do not have direct access to an office or clinic. Even patients in nursing homes can have care takers download the app to their preferred dental provider for dental aide.

Our system is very user friendly and intuitive, allowing for easy adoptability by the dental establishment and patient. Our modules were created with a patient-first attitude. Our interactive Dental Emergency system helps with dental disease diagnosis and offers sufferers immediate advice/help. Our Pre and Post-operative information is there during the “fog” of treatment time. Our Hygiene Recall automatically reminds patients when it is time to come in. We are the premiere dental mobile app for enhanced access, preventative dental help and patient care.

We’ve recently added PMS integration which allows for seamless record tracking, patient scheduling and appointment information. Although we have always offered those modules independently in our products, by joining with a PMS, data will be downloaded right into the app lessening patient responsibility.

Dentists can now facilitate a comprehensive rewards program through the app, rewarding patients for actions like checking in early with points redeemable for prizes.
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