Proactive platform to support families and youth with eating disorder.
The main goals are summarized in family support through collaboration and sharing experiences, therapeutic self-help support, and engaging the wider community through literacy and ED (eating disorders) promotion.
It is structured in three well-defined modules:
- Daily life module. It aims to be a module to share experiences and strategies of daily living with youth ED.
- Volunteer support module. It is a module through which volunteer therapists might provide timely support to family members through advice or promote a clinical visit.
- Living with ED module . It is a LMS (Learning Management System) their goal is early detection, promotion, dissemination and literacy of ED and mental health in adolescence focused on the community at large.
Android, HTML5, Windows 8
News, Opinion and Books, Health, Eating and Drinking
  • Anorexia Nervosa Appetite loss secondary to depression Binge eating disorder (BED) Binge eating episodes Bulimia nervosa (BN) Compensatory Behaviors Compulsive or compensatory exercise Compulsive Overeating Diabulimia Disordered Eating Eating di
Target Users
  • Parents, mothers and community around the person with ED. Young people or people with ED. Eating disorders therapists specializing. Mental health centers. Primary, secondary and Baccalaureate schools. General community.
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