Deglee is the simplest way to create and share 360° experiences using only your smartphone.
Within the last year, both Youtube and Facebook have added the feature to share 360º videos on their platforms making them massively available for their millions of daily users worldwide. However, today, very few are able to actually create these 360º videos: you need a big, expensive camera that is specially designed for this format.

Deglee is here to bridge this gap as the first mobile app available that allows its users to create 360º videos in the simplest way. Deglee is also integrated with social media, providing the user a space to share their amazing immersive creations with friends, without needing them to download the app to experience it.
  • Free version available
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  • video video 360 virtual reality social media
Target Users
  • Young people from 0-35 worldwide that are heavy users of social media and like to shoot and share their videos with their contacts. Our target is an early adopter of new technologies and look for the latest trends.
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