Deprize challenges and dares
hallenge and dare your friends with Deprize APP. Win incredible prizes like goods, dinners, trips and much more, for free!
Create dares and challenge your Facebook friends by creating a group of people. Place your bets, find out who is the best, and get the prize you deserve... or pay it to the winner! Scroll down for more info about the different types of dares.

Once the administrator of the group containing the dare decides to finish it, the winner will see the prize in the main screen of the app. You can choose within our predefined prizes or create a new prize specific for each situation.

Invite your Facebook's friends to use Deprize App and get more chances to win prizes by simply creating dares and dropping your friends in.
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  • deprize, challenge, prize, prizes, challenges, dares, friends, friend, gambling
Target Users
  • People from 16 to 25(ish)
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