Desqueeze Pro
Anamorphic de-squeeze on your iPhone
Each year iPhone camera is getting better and more photographers are choosing iPhone to take pictures and videos. To capture panoramic vistas and unusual creative shots they also use anamorphic lenses with iPhone. But such anamorphic adapters squeeze images and require post-processing to return images to their original aspect ratio (anamorphic de-squeeze). In most cases it needs pc/laptop software, specific skills and additional time costs.

To make Life of iPhone photographers and filmmakers Better and save a lot of their time we’ve created Desqueeze Pro app. It de-squeezes batches of photos and videos in one touch to any size up to 8192px and 2160p respectively and produces high quality results.

Desqueeze Pro allows to set size in pixels, percent and aspect ratios, use size presets, set compression format, specify photo DPI and video Bitrate. In addition to “de-squeeze” mode the app offers two proportional resizing modes, which will be very useful for more common tasks.

This app has separate settings for photos and videos, so they never interfere with each other when processing together.

Also the app has an ability to select entire album for processing and successfully resizes batch of items with different orientations.

All processed photos and videos are automatically saved to app albums in photo library and are available for sharing on results screen even after app reloads.

Photos and videos can be viewed in full size from Main and Results screens. Inbuilt video player allows to watch videos up to 2160p.

Real-time detailed preview is available on photo/video settings and size input screens.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Desqueeze Pro v 1.0 - $2.99
Photo, Video and TV
  • photo,video,anamorphic,de,squeeze,resize,resizer,enlarge,reduce,scale,aspect,ratio,size,batch,image,high,quality
Target Users
  • iPhone photographers & filmmakers
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