Docter to colleague
DocToc is a smartphone app for communication between doctors. Confidential information is often part of that communication.

DocToc enables doctors to communicate with their colleagues without any concerns about privacy protection and IT security.

DocToc provides information security by restricting access and by managing information lifecycle. This does mean, that any information is automatically deleted after a given time or manually.

Today DocToc allows to exchange voice messages but in the next release DocToc will also support text-chats and sending pictures.

DocToc saves information on the smartphone in a secure way. It does not allow access to that information by other apps residing on the phone.
On the datacenter side, DocToc uses European located, highly secured infrastructure.

Obviously, DocToc supports doctors working life by providing a new way for exchanging information with colleagues in an easy and secure way.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • secured communication, data protection, doctor to doctor, ehealth, medical apps
Target Users
  • medical doctors
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