Optimizing Mental Health
The introduction of digital solution to routine clinical practice will establish diagnosis and treatment guidelines for adequate management and early intervention, resulting in reduction of consequences in mental health patients caused by misdiagnosis and poor follow-up by clinicians. Diagnostic and treatment IT tools both contain diagnostic criteria to verify the specific type of mental illness, a list of psychotropic medication to monitor their efficacy, as well as possible side effects and drug-drug interactions, which should lead to improved outcomes in mental health and result in time optimization, cost-effectiveness and quality in mental health services. These tools will alert and manage possible risks associated with mental health disturbances and thus decrease the public cost and burden associated with morbidity and mortality. Our solution will also give tools to patients to track their health, increase their knowledge of the disease and improve communicate with the doctor. This should lead to self-management of their health, a healthier lifestyle and improved treatment results.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Digital Mental Health
Target Users
  • Mental health services and users
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