dondeEsta Family
Because your family is the most important thing to you, we help you to know where they are
The app lets you locate your kids in real time and receive notifications when they arrive or leave school or home.

dondeEsta Family lets you protect and locate your kids while giving them more freedom and autonomy.


• Track your kids at any time and in real time by just a simple tap on the screen!

• “At home” and “at school” real time indicator: with just a quick glance on the phone screen you will know whether your kids are at home or at school.

• Receive notifications when your kid arrives or leaves school/home.

• Receive immediate alerts whenever your kids are not at school during school hours.

• Receive alerts if your kids didn’t get home when you agreed to.

• Receive alerts if your kids need help or if they are in danger.

• Get notifications when your kids need a ride back home.

• Button of navigate to your kid\\\'s location.

• You can also send kisses to your family when you are not with them!

• Good moments together! New feature that gives you statistics of how much time you spend with your family.

dondeEsta Family brings peace of mind to families all over the world and helps them to connect with their family members. dondeEsta Family is a powerful and accurate family locator available that let you protect your kids and have peace of mind.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Urban life
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Target Users
  • Families!
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