Dr. Security
Smart Security. Ready For Life
Dr. Security was developed with the aim of becoming leader in the world of new technologies in personal safety. The most important thing that makes a difference in the market is that we offer a service, not just an app. Plus, our clients get customizable and specialized services in function of their needs and their complete profile. Complete service set of tools to cover all citizens’ lifestyles safety issues

Application areas: Work Environment, School, Personal, Tourism, Integral Safety and Prevention, Cultural and Training, Health, Social.
Services: Human Resources Management, customized training, increase mobility, monitoring and supervision of health, safety and ease transport and routes, personal assistance needs and Integrated Management (Support button), pet care, roadside assistance.
DrS has innovative features that differences with another products of the market. It has 4 services in one application:

-HELP ME: Emergency management with Smart Detection and different methods customized to the needs.

Assistance Button*: Integral management of needs.

-SMART CONTROL: Use of remote commands and Intelligent Control without user's intervention.

-GROUPS: management of citizens, highly customizable.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Dr. Securtiy (Help Me Services) - 5eu/ month
Urban life, Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic, Sports, Social Media, Health, Education
  • APP, IoT, SmartCity, Standardization, Surveillance.
Target Users
  • DrS empowers integration of these people into society and offers more autonomy. Or any user who wants ensure their safety and comfort, and protection of their beloved ones and also their devices. 507 M People European Market - Citizens (800M) - Grou
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Google Play, iTunes
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