Dragons Vs Angels
the dragons hate angels so destroy them all!
in this shooter game you control Shiradoucha ,a dragon from the depths of the volcano returned to the surface, where he found the world overrun by cute and chubby little angels who try to hug him!

Control Shiradoucha moving your smartphone using accelerometers, incinerate all the angels that will lie ahead,and when you reach the maximum rage use your anger to unleash your secret coup and destroy everything that stands in front of your eyes!

Beat your record, to see how much you resist!
Are going to make you not to be embraced by those odious little angels?

- Move your Dragon tilting your device in all direction!
- Shoot as every Angels you can!
- Every 5000 points you earn the ability to throw a wall of flame that destroy everything on the screen!
- Have fun beating your HighScores in Dragons Vs Angels!
Windows Phone
  • Free version available
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  • Dragons, angels, shooter, sparatutto
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  • gamers
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