Bringing employees closer to your company.
We are the first digital platform for job search through geolocation in Latin America.
We increased the quality of life and welfare of new employees directly in the selection process to reduce labor
turnover costs in companies.
Companies publish their job offers on our website and locate them on the map. They can also evaluate the
performance of new employees digitally.
We developed a mobile app for smartphones and tablets to increase the quality of life of people looking for
work every day. We managed to adapt a GPS system to our application that allows the user to find work closer
and easier. DreamJobs also offer benefits to employees in smart products and services through the platform.
In Latin America each company invests an average of 659 dollars for each new hire, in UEA 1.948 dollars and in
Asia 546 dollars. The percentage of job rotation in Latin America is 3.5%, in UEA is 6.4% and in Asia is of 10.7%!
The retail industry and the telecommunications industry are the most affected with levels of 19.7% and 8%.
(SARATOGA 2014 by PWC)
Adobe AIR, Android, bada, BlackBerry, BREW, Flash Player, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Java ME, LiMo, Maemo, Palm WebOS, SHR, Series 40, Windows Mobile, Qt, Windows Phone, HTML5, MeeGo, BlackBerry - PlayBook, SMS, Windows 8
  • Free version available
  • Company Packs - 30 Us each offer (companies pay us for each offer they publish.)
  • mobile app users - free
Urban life, Transport and Traffic, Empower citizens, Business and Work
  • Bringing employees closer to your company.
Target Users
  • Labor market. Employees and employers.
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Google Play, AppBrain, iTunes, iWikiPhone, Java Store, LG Application Store, iPad App Store
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