Drive Smart™
Drive Smart is an app for efficient drivers who want to save money in gas and car maintenance, is responsible and respectful with the environment, avoids getting fined and enjoys driving without putting others at risk!
Want to feel like a Formula One driver on the road? You can already do it with Drive Smart ™ ... the first app to reach F1!

Drive Smart ™ uses the same technology that F1 uses to analyze and improve the driving habits of its users, just as telemetry does with racing drivers.

How do you drive? Do you think you're a good driver? Drive Smart ™ gives you the answer. The app assesses how you are on the road and offers customized advice to help you achieve positive driving: fun, safe, letting you save money and gain much more than you could imagine...

And you, how do you drive your F1 car?
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Transport and Traffic, Education
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Target Users
  • Every positive driver around the world ;)
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