Drivers Buster
The application lets users keep track of the journey information and drivers behavior
In the effort of creating applications for Transportation problem and enhancing the drivers behavior
We created " Drivers Buster Application " , the first part of the application lets passengers act as a radar by monitoring the drivers both personal and driving behaviors by sending report at the end of the trip including a rating for the behavior, travel speed(min, max and average), distance covered and the time taken to finish the journey.
The second part of the application is about learning the driving rules through driving questions game. the tests scores will be announced at our website ( for the best 3 drivers of (Bus, Taxi, Minibus, Microbus) the worst 10 drivers also and the most 3 active users in the App and according to the learning game part the website will display the best 3 players.
This is briefly the description of "Drivers Buster Application"

  • Free version available
Transport and Traffic
  • Transportation, GPS, speed , driving behaviors
Target Users
  • Travelers
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