Duel 4it
Prepare your wits and strategy, for you will need them! Welcome to Duel 4it, a dueling game set in a victorian steampunk universe where you will join the Duel Society and compete against other member to be at the top. You will need guile and tactics to win duels, but as you gather victories and your fame grows inside the Society, you will receive 'honor', which allows you to access different weapons and equipment. Will you be able to join the elite? Will you be the next legend of the Duel Society? You’ll have to duel for it!

Duel4it is a PvP (player versus player) game, based on wits, strategy, and predicting your rivals's actions. These are some of the game's characteristics:
• A simple game system that allows for a good deal of tactical depth as you progress, rewarding wits and strategy, and refusing "pay-to-win" models.

• More than 25 different objects, including weapons (like the Raygun and the Tesla Rifle), armour (like the Metal Jacket and the Gunman's Breastplate) and reloaders (like the Lucky Bullet or the Gambler), that you can unlock and that offer greater tactical variety and combat options.

• A range of achievements that allow you to climb through the ranks of the Duel Society and gather more honor by fulfilling specific conditions.

• Play against your friends or, if you're not afraid of challenges, enter our weekly ranking, with matching based on your level as a player, and ascend until you become number 1.
  • 2.2.3 - 0 (Android )
  • duel, dueling, duel for it, strategy, steampunk, wits, prices
Target Users
  • Mostly males from 16 to 30 years, interested in strategy games and steampunk fashion.
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