A planner for the busy but social; take the stress out of organizing your day
The most helpful social planner yet. Eliminate the need for many apps and toss out the dull planner that makes you drag your feet. Save time, space, and effort by using this activity and event planner for your everyday adventures.

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, planning a hike with friends, or looking for fun activities on a day off, we have solutions for you. To put a fun twist on planning, think of each activity as a mission. Missions come in 3 forms:
Individual missions-create for yourself, share with friends, or share to all users
Mission series-invite and chat with friends to complete several missions together
Vendor missions-stores offer time-sensitive rewards for you to discover
View missions in a photographic list view or in calendar format. Missions are synced to a map, so it’s easy to visualize and be thrilled for your day.

You can even search and add relevant store information into your missions with just one click. EarlyBee’s unique radar graph rating system lets you find stores based on your preferences instead of a generic five star rating. Our soon to release suggestion feature is designed to make your life even easier.

Not in the mood for tedious planning? Use our tried-and-true templates to plan missions for a quick solution to boredom. It’s so simple you can even organize a scavenger hunt with minimal effort!

Want to spice up a boring day? Grab your phone and get ready for an adventure. Complete missions at your favorite stores to collect points and score freebies. Utilizing the emerging augmented reality technology, EarlyBee provides a game-like feel so you always have something to look forward to.

With EarlyBee’s integrated platform and time-saving functionalities, leave the stress to us so you can plan less and live more! Now you can feel like you’re on an adventure every day.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • EarlyBee - Free (Social Planner beta)
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