Earn That Bite
Earn your favourite food or drink according to your steps walked.
Second Prize Winner of Google Fit Developer Challenge
Set your favourite food or drink and walk throughout the day to earn your target.
Earn That Bite is a food & drink tracker app to help users track calories according to the amount walked throughout the day. Stay fit with your favourite food or dessert as the motivation. The app is designed in Material Design and integrated with Google Fit. Earn That Bite lets you earn your favourite food target by walking throughout the day. It tracks your steps and even shows it to you on interactive graphs. Walk throughout the day with your favourite food or drink as motivation. Earn That Bite gives you a notification and lets you know of your progress. Leading Food & Drink tracker.
Stay Motivated, Walk and Earn That Bite!
For more information visit us at http://emberify.com
  • Free version available
  • 1.0.1 - $1 (Android )
Eating and Drinking
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Target Users
  • All mobile users
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Google Play
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