Easy Calc - Spy Camera
Camouflaged spy camera
This is the best and most complete application for your "undercovered" missions!
Have you looked for hidden secret cameras at the Store?
There are a lot, they are good, they all have something that makes them unique... well... you have ALL those features in this application.

With Easy Calc you can record video, audio or take pictures without being noticed while your device shows one of our fake backgrounds. Simulate that you are reading the newspaper, a blog or leave the device on a table showing a clock while recording!

NOTE: This application is intended to be used for fun. It's not intended to record hidden audio or video or any other thing that may violate other's privacy rights. It's not our intention to promote spying others. Although this application would be the best spy camera around, it is not a spy camera ;)

• Record video and take pictures by just tapping the screen or use one of our smart shooting modes so you don’t miss a scene! Delayed trigger, sequencer, customizable intervals and so many other options will blow your mind!

• Our Motion Detector will allow you to save a lot of storage space by recording or shooting only when motion is detected. Easy Calc allows you to adjust the detector sensitivity and customize its behaviour. The Motion Detector is available as a paid feature inside the application.

• Use the new clock fake background and leave your iPad on a table so no one suspects and you don't miss a thing!

• The camera flash is forced to turn OFF no matter the camera settings.

• Easy Calc assures that your files will remain private by giving you the chance to set a PIN#. You can also customize when you want to be asked to enter the PIN#: at application startup/resume and right after every capture you make. This will prevent that someone that grabs your device while recording can access your files.

• Customizable smart PIN unlock screen. Chose between a default unlock screen or a camouflaged unlock screen that shows a functional calculator fooling anyone.
If you are at the calculator PIN screen, enter your pin and press or keep pressing the "=" key to enter the application.

• SuperDim function adjusts your device brightness to 0. This makes your device look like if it was turned off.

• Easy Calc keeps your media files separately from the camera roll for privacy.
You may export them via eMail or Itunes Share.
You may also copy your files from the camera roll to our private storage so you don't have to delete those photos or videos that you don't want on the public camera roll.

• We don't copy, backup or upload your files anywhere. They are totally private and yours.

• Select the video and audio quality to save storage space.

Some metrics under normal lightning:
• Rear Camera: HD Video 1 minute ~ 75Mb / LD Video 1 minute ~ 6Mb
• Front (face) Camera: HD Video 1 minute ~ 25Mb / LD Video 1 minute ~ 6Mb

Or just use Easy Calc as an enhanced camera and take advantage of the delayed and sequenced shooting displaying the normal camera view instead of the a background.

You may also save your iPhone's battery by setting a low-light black background while recording.

Easy Calc gets the job done, try the free version!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Easy Calc Pro - 4.99
Photo, Video and TV
  • Secret Hidden Camera Spy Stealth Video Photo Motion Detector
Target Users
  • Everyone
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