Easymind is a social network voting app which allows users to make and share polls with their friends or anyone over the world .
Easymind is the ultimate social voting App for Android.
The app is simple, users can create & discover any kind of polls from anywhere.
Polls can be private or public, so you can invite those friends you want to answer to make a group decision such as "Where do we go for lunch?" and more!
You can also discover and create public polls, any user is able to explore and answer those polls, so they are perfect to get feedback or discover what does the people think about a trending topic.

You can add up to 4 images or a video in a poll, so they are funnier than ever!

Easymind makes our lives easier, by giving us a way to make simple decisions.

Social Media
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Target Users
  • Our main target users are people from 18 to 34 years old, although anyone who is interested in subjects of actuality or people who usually uses message apps could be interested.
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