EazyType Keyboard
This App provides new Technique to boost the typing speed in Indian Languages with correct accuracy.
This is a keyboard for Hindi Roman. This keyboard is available for all Indian languages.

Features of EazyType Keyboard:
1. Accurate Prediction comes as you start typing.
Example: If you want to type science in Hindi, no need to type complete word in English.
scie = साइंस , scien = साइंस ,scienc = साइंस ,science = साइंस
This feature boost the typing speed.

2. EazyType Keyboard provides offline prediction for Hindi words. There is no need of Internet connectivity.
3. All Hindi letters which produce a sounds same are kept together on a sub keypad.
Example: all letters of Hindi which produce a sound like "a" are kept together "अ आ ा ॉ ऑ ॉ " in a sub-keypad. when the key "a" pressed sub-keypad comes up to select appropriate letter.
  • Free version available
  • EazyType Keyboard Hindi - $2
Art and Culture, Business and Work, News, Opinion and Books, Other, Rural areas - lack of sanitation, Social Media
  • EazyType Keyboard for Hindi, Marathi, Bengali,Malayalam,Tami, Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi , Nepali languages
Target Users
  • All Indian and Nepali Users who want to type in their regional language.
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