Edo: Organize and share
The amount of stuff that we share every day is huge, files that you get from friends, family, and team members are uncountable.They just keep coming in.
We spend so much time and energy looking for this things, because we never remember where they are and how they were sent to us.
The one thing we always remember is who we get them from.
That's way edo is designed as simple as a chat.
With all of your contacts and group of contacts on a side of the screen, sharing files is very easy.
You just drag from the computer onto your friend's timeline and that's it.
You can even add a comment to tell your friend or team member abuot that file.
All the files you share will be accessible anywhere from any of your devices.
How may times have you found yourself wanting to remember things you notices on the go?
Things that inspire you, photos, links to web pages, sound recordings….
With EDO you can just throw things on your private timeline, adding text, links and whatever you need to remember.
It’s just as easy as chatting with yourself.
What can I do with Edo?
1) Send links, photos and files quickly, from your smartphone to your PC and viceversa.
2) Chat and share large files with your email contacts.
3) Comment shared files.
4) Add text notes on all files, pictures and personal links.
5) Select a contact or group of contacts to quickly view the conversations and files exchanged.
6) Transfer photos and videos from the gallery of your smartphone directly to your computer, freeing the hard disk memory of your phone.
7) Transfer music and videos from your computer to your smartphone.
8) Create group for teammates partners or clients, to easily share messages and files in one place
All files organized and shared with Edo are saved in a folder called "Edo storage". You can find the folder on your Google Drive.
Grab Edo for Mac and PC on www.edo.io

Contact us at:
Email: [email protected]:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/edo_io

  • Free version available
  • 1.5.2 - 0$ (Android )
Business and Work
  • Collaboration, Cloud storage, Google Drive, Group sharing, Send large files, IM, Chat, Team collaboration, Backup, Note taking,
Target Users
  • Team, Groups, Freelancer, SME, Business, Students, Designer
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