Educational Magazine for Kids
Educational Interactive Magazine for Kids
Our magazine offers a captivating journey with your kids. Colorful pictures and interesting tasks to help your child better and deeper into the world.

The journal presents tasks for development of attention, imagination, logical thinking, memory and speech child, which is so important at any age.

How to work with the magazine? Assignments based on the principle - from the simple to the complex. Therefore it is recommended to carry out tasks in order. This system helps the child to feel his success in the performance of tasks and fun to go further without losing interest in the topic. When working with the magazine is recommended that no more than 3-4 jobs at a time. Completing tasks with the child, talk to them, explaining and explaining interesting and challenging moments for him. This will help the child in the future itself to reason and express their point of view. Just the child the opportunity to play games or to guess riddles. This allows you to consolidate the material under study.

A huge advantage of our journal is that tasks can and should be solved again and again, as your child desire. That is, over and over again to train your toddler mental activity that is sure to be useful to him in the future in teaching at school and university.

At the moment the catalog contains the following topics of magazines:
- Spring
- Professions
- Animals
- Appliances
- Fruits and vegetables

The magazine is designed for children 1-10 years.

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