Help Henry the farmer saving the eggs his naughty hens lay in the most unexpected places, through this cute action-puzzle game!
Hens rebelled! The eggs-selling business that Henry's family has maintained for generations is at great risk. His hens grew tired of doing always the same thing and now they don't care about their eggs breaking, so they lay them wherever they want. Help Henry the farmer saving his hens' eggs! - An environment with realistic physics: interact with the different items and mechanisms that Henry the farmer has placed in his farm to keep the eggs out of harm's way! - Collect as much calories as you can in the levels to get the egg warm so once it is in the nest, a cute little chicken hatches. - Collect and use different items that will help you completing your mission, like shields that will make the egg indestructible for some seconds. - Two hens. 25 levels per hen. Save a lot of eggs! - Once you have saved all eggs, don't relax! New hens will join the party soon to make things complicated for the farmer! - Play different special stages with each hen and expand your game experience. - Get high scores in each level completing them with merits. Available soon on the App Store!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • game, fun, hen, chicken, egg, nest, eggorama, gameorama, farmer, farm, henry, eezy, captain, dewlap, pirate
Target Users
  • Both casual and hardcore players
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